Our Goats Live a Charmed Life

Jan 2nd 2018

The goat milk we use comes from our family farm Long Lost Friends Farm we have five dairy goats consisting of two Nubian goats (Sophia and Emma) and three Alpine goats (Chocolate, Swiss Empress, and Jasmine). When we discovered the benefits of goat milk soap we were a small family farm in the process of growing. Joyful Suds wants to share our passion for our farm and our products with you and your family!

We added our first dairy goats to our farm family in Spring of 2013 to have a source of milk for our family needs. We purchased three Alpines and two very friendly Nubians and quickly fell in love with each of them - after all, there is nothing cuter and more playful than a baby goat. If you have never had a goat as a pet just know that they each have their own unique personality, and anyone will fall in love with a spoiled goat. On the farm, all of the family is involved with taking care of the goats - whether it is milking, cleaning stalls, trimming hooves, or simply loving on the goats - the goats have become a huge part of our lives and our family. Our goats are like our pets.

We originally had planned to use the milk we got from the dairy goats for drinking, cooking, and cheese making. We quickly realized that we got too much milk for just those uses and we turned to soapmaking for the excess milk. We use a lot of milk and we have some great milkers in our heard. Swiss Empress, Emma, and Jasmine are our top producers. In 2016, we made the transition to using all of the goat milk solely for the soaps. This change allowed us to forego cutting our soaps with water. Now each bar has over an ounce of goat milk in it!